Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing......Darling Deals

              If you haven't already guessed, I have a passion for combining words with a common first letter. I wish I could control it,but I can't. Pretty soon we'll have Wordless Wednesdays, Fashion Fridays, Savin Saturdays, Messy Mondays-Oh wait, that's already taken.
              Now, onto the deals! Please chime in in the comments with your own as well! Now, this isn't really a coupon blog. There are already tons of great people who put lots of work into a complete list of all the deals and coupon match ups available, like Collin at Hip2Save. But you can bet coupons will be involved. I won't post everything, just the deals on things I love best and hope you do too(there is someone reading this right?).

                   Hair need some tlc? Ulta is Hosting Frizz-Free Friday Blowouts during the month of July. Call in to your local Ulta and make a reservation for your free blowout on the 6,13, or 20 from 5-8pm. I did this last year and my hair had never been so straight!

On July 4th, H&M will be giving away free scratch-off cards valued between $10- $100 to the first 100 in line! Check with your local H&M to see what time they open.  You can bet I will be there!

Right now L.L. Bean is offering a free $10 gift card in their catalog! Go here and request the Late Summer Edition. Mine came quickly-only a few days! They have some cute and colorful skinny belts like the on pictured above for 9.99, and L.L. Bean always has free shipping! I just ordered one in pink didn't even have to enter any credit card info.Hurry, offer expires July 29th:)

Now until July 2nd, you can get Buy on Get one FREE Frappucinos at any Starbucks location inside a Target! Sounds good to me:) Alos, if you won't be near a Target Starbucks, you can still save! Buy 2 or more Frappucinos at ant regular Starbucks and get $1 off each one until July 1st! AND on July 4th, select Starbucks locations will be giving away a free tall coffee to every customer! You may want to call ahead to see if your location is participating. I think that's enough to keep me caffeinated for the entire weekend! Did you know that there is a Chai Frappucino? I didn't. And I'm excited.
Thanks Hip2Save for the heads up!

And speaking of frappucinos- how adorable are these frappucino cupcakes created by Kim at Kimz Kitchen? Check out the recipe here.
Have any deals to share? Whats your favorite Frappucino?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mostly Neutral + free shoes!

Top Express-Thrifted($2),Skirt Old Navy-Thrifted and re-fashioned ($1),Necklace Thrifted (.50 cents)Shoes Old Navy (Free!)

                 Thanks to my lovely Mom for taking these pictures! We had lots of fun and both discovered that I am no model. It took dozens before i found two where I wasn't smirking or squinting.

     Normally I'm not an Old Navy fan. At all. Some of their clothes are cute, but they either fall apart or fit weird and are way over priced for the quality. Yet I'm still wearing two Old Navy items. Maybe they aren't sooo bad. And for free could I really resist looking around? I have a sore deficiency in strappy sandals in my closet-as in i have NONE. Can you believe it? Dire straights, I know. Facing my desperate need for them I decided to pick these up with my free $10 from Old Navy(more on that later). The jury's still out-the buckles are a bit awkward looking. At least I'm only out $0.


                This owl was waiting for me in the local St. Vincent De Paul. Its even sort of vintage(70s Sarah Coventry is vintage now right?). And he was only 50 cents. Beat that $4.80-mass produced-forever 21-owl!

                               I was inspired by the high-low skirt tutorial by Crystal over at Clothed Much, and knew I had to try it! This skirt was a weird length so I followed her cutting instructions, but figured since it was jersey it would just roll and i wouldn't have to hem it. As you can tell from the first picture I'm not so good with the scissors.Too bad I didn't see that before I wore it in public.....

               Want to know how to get some free possibly worth it goodies at Old Navy?  There's an app for that. It's called old Navy's SnapAppy (does anyone else think all their marketing schemes are so cheesy they're just not funny?). You'll need to "snap" a picture of any Old Navy logo and (you can bring one up on a computer screen) and you'll get a "surprise". Many of the surprises are games and "phony compliments"(not a joke), but keep snapping and you might even get a $50 shopping spree! Usually you will get $5 or $10 off with no minimum purchase after a few spins. This works on Iphone,Ipad or Ipod Touch.
                What are your thoughts on Old Navy? Did you get any awesome deals with this app?


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here We Go!

Does this look exciting enough?
    It's my first post! Yay! So about this blog. Is it a money saving blog? Is it a fashion blog? Is it a food blog? Yes,yes aaaaand yes. I'm smushing all these things and more into this blog. I've been mulling having a blog over in my brain for awhile now, and creating imaginary posts for even longer. I'm hoping this blog will get my-and your- creative juices flowing and that I can get to know more people with similar interests. So to anyone who's reading this thank you! So what am I waiting for? Lets do this!

                               "whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
                                                                                  1 Corinthians 10:31

A huge thanks to Kelli at She Learns As She Goes for her advice and encouragement in setting up this blog!