Sunday, July 29, 2012

Earning Some Extra with "Twice"

        Have you heard of Twice? If not you are in for a treat! They not only sell some really adorable gently used clothing at discounted prices, but they will buy YOUR clothing as well! Right now if you sign up you'll get a $10 credit towards anything $25 and up on the site.And when a friend signs up and makes a purchase you'll receive another $10 credit!
             But my favorite thing about Twice is how simple they make selling your old clothes! Just sign up here, tell them the brand and type of clothing you have and you will be able to print out a free shipping label-you won't have to pay anything to ship them! Once you send in your clothing they'll look it over and send you an offer. This only took a week for me. I received an offer of $24 for 8 items. Not bad for things I was just going to give away anyway! You can choose to have the items they don't want shipped back to you,or donated for free.
                    It's like the fun of a yard sale but you don't have to drag stuff outside and sit in the hot sun- you just get money. Win-Win!

                                  Have any money making sites or tips to share?

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