Thursday, July 19, 2012

Have a Free Birthday

                     This past weekend was my birthday. Since 19 is so adultish, I pretended like it was no big deal. But I was still secretly checking my email each day in anticipation of my birthday "freebies"!!  By signing up to receive emails, many restaurants and stores will send you a little surprise around your birthday(its nice to have a separate email just for this, so you don't load up your inbox with tons of newsletters!). Here are a few of my favorites:
Sephora will send you a postcard for a free gift on you birthday when you sign up to be a beauty insider. The gift changes yearly, but this year it's a sugar lip duo! I'm lovin' these babies-they smell amazing and make my lips so soft!
Sign up for the Aveda Birthday Program and you'll receive a complimentary custom blended perfume! Just walking into an Aveda store is relaxing-their products are all natural and so soothing.

Ben and Jerry's will send you a FREE Scoop of ice cream on your birthday! Plus a BOGO scoop on your 1/2 birthday( this is a highly underrated occasion!). Go here to sign up! I'm really regretting the fact that there is NO Ben and Jerry's anywhere remotely close to me.
   Have you been ot Bonefish? If not you are missing out! The bang bang shrimp is amazing and you get a free order on you birthday! Go here to sign up and see if there is one in your area!

Brio offers a very generous birthday meal when you sign up for their newsletter! I have yet to try this but it look delicioso!
And if you didn't know already, if you register your starbucks card you get a free drink on your birthday! What, no starbucks card? Just get a gift card before you purchase something next time and register it here.

         This is only a very small sampling of all the birthday freebies out there. Check out the Frugal Girls for a complete list of birthday freebies from your favorite retailers and restaurants!!
What do you like to do on your birthday? Have any special traditions?



  1. Hey Laurel!

    My birthday is in a few days so I remembered your post :) I registered my starbucks card, and signed up with Sephora, but it looks like you have to make a purchase with Sephora in order to get your free gift. Is that what you did??


    p.s. Since this is your birthday post, happy birthday! lol. Even though it's not July, I'm still glad you were born ;)

  2. Rachel-
    Sephora should send you a postcard in the mail that you can redeem in store, which is what I did. It works the same with starbucks!
    Happy Birthday Friend!!


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